Sunday, April 29, 2007

2:30 pm Update

This past week, Paul visited his doctor back at Evergreen and everything continues to be healing very well. He took about 5 steps on his walker at home. He informed me that Tuesday he should be able to put 65% of his weight on his left foot and the following Tuesday he should be able to put 100% of his weight on it. This should allow him to start working more with the walker. He will still continue to wear his walking boot. His Physical and Occupational Therapy should start up again this week. He is still not sure if he will go to the hospital or if they come to his home for the therapy.

His IVC Filter is scheduled to be removed on Friday.

He is looking forward to seeing his new home in Palm Desert and is hoping to make it there by the end of the month.

Because so many people are still reading the blog for updates, I will continue to update the blog over the next couple of weeks and let you all know how Paul's recovery is going.

The following message is from Paul. He asked me to post this from him this afternoon.

Kathi and I would like to thank all of our friends and family for your thoughts and prayers during my rehabilitation. The blog has pointed out to us what a wonderful and diverse life we have had. Our hope is that each and every one of you share the same love of life that Kathi and I now share. Please stay in touch so that all of you do not become strangers. May your days be full of sunshine and roses!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

10:00 pm Update

Paul had a restful weekend at home. He has been feeling much better and has been keeping most of his food down. Paul and Kathi believe that the nausea he had previously been experiencing was from a certain medication that needs to be taken with food.

During the day he goes back and forth between his favorite chair and hospital bed that is set up in the living room. He watches plenty of television and usually makes it out to the patio in his wheelchair for a few minutes each day. Nurse Kathi sleeps on the couch next to him at night. He does not like his new hospital bed (not as comfortable as the air mattress in the hospital) and is having a hard time sleeping well at night. At least he has plenty of time to take cat naps during the day.

His spirits continue to be good. He understands there is alot of hard work ahead and in his words is prepared to "gut it out."

I spoke with Kathi this evening and she mentioned that Paul wanted to post something to everyone that has been following his blog. She thinks he will be do this in the next couple of days.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

8:40 pm Update

Paul made it home today around 3:00 pm. Today has been a really tough day for him. He has been really tired and not feeling very good. He is having a hard time keeping any food down. This could all be from his numerous medications or possibly anxiety from going home. I will update again on Sunday night.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

9:00 pm Update

If everything goes according to plan, Paul will be coming home tomorrow. He had a hospital bed and a few other necessities delivered to the house today. I also understand that a ramp was built today from the garage to the living room so Paul will be able to get in and out of the house in his wheelchair.

Paul had the pins removed from his left foot today. Everything looks good, but he can only put 10% of his weight on that foot for the time being. In approx. 2 weeks he should be able to put 25% of his weight on that foot. Because this foot can still bear no weight, Paul will do his Physical Therapy at home for a couple weeks on his own. He knows all the exercies he has to do. He has been doing them every day for over 2 weeks now. He will resume outpatient Physical Therapy at Evergreen Hospital around May 1st. He will then be able to hopefully put some more weight on that left foot and work on learning to use a walker.

I will update everyone tomorrow and let you all know how the big day goes.

Monday, April 16, 2007

9:00 pm Update

Still waiting on a date/time for those pins to be removed from the left foot. As of right now, it is still unknown. We are all still hoping for tomorrow.

Paul is getting restless and ready for a new setting, preferably at home. He was a little grouchy this morning. He told his case worker that Evergreen makes the worst breakfast ever. He also told his nurse "no more blood draws" when she came in this morning to get her daily draw. He has definitely had his fill of those.

Other than that, same routine...Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy every day. He has even been using weights on his legs to build muscle. He is sitting up so much more and looks so much more comfortable. He continues to make great progress!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

1:00 pm Update

Tomorrow morning the surgery schedule should be out and Paul will find out what day/time his pins will be removed from his left foot. This should still happen Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

The last couple days during Physical Therapy Paul has stood at the parallel bars on his right foot for a few seconds. This morning he told me he was able to get into the wheelchair on his own with no help. This is teriffic news and one of the things that needed to happen before he can be released from the hospital.

He is really happy with how much strength he is gaining every day. His spirits are up and he is looking ahead to his next goal....going home!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

2:30 pm Update

Paul finally took his first shower this morning in over 5 weeks. He said it felt good, but was amazed at how tired he was after it was over. He looks great and continues to improve every day. His doctor mentioned this morning that they will be changing his blood draws from every day to every other day since all of his numbers are looking so good. This is great news for Paul as he really has no veins left to work with. He said his blood draw is one of the worst parts of his day.

He had another EKG for his heart this morning (or late yesterday) and everything looks real good. The doctor had mentioned that he had no reason to believe that is heart would ever return to A-Fib (irregular heart rhythm). This is great news also.

It looks like surgery to remove the pins from his left foot is set up for Monday or Tuesday of next week. Paul is really looking forward to having those pins removed. He knows the longer those pins are in there, the longer his stay is at the hospital.

Needless to say, he is still really looking forward to going home! Today completes his first week at Evergreen Rehab. Initially, when Paul arrived someone had mentioned a possible 3 week stay, but I have heard other people talk of earlier departures. I think at this point it is too early to speculate how much longer he will be there. What I do know is that he is working as hard as he can to get home as soon as possible.